RESULTS Tell All: Do You Have the Results From Your Efforts That You are Looking For? Why Not?

Finally, the Opportunity You Have Been Looking for to Expand Your Life and Career

What is the Awareness Leadership Experience?

The ability to clearly see where you are going while holistically and fearlessly leading others to the destination.

The Awareness Leadership Experience (ALE) is a transformation of perception - The goal of the ALE curriculum is to bring awareness to a different “way of life” and “EASE of living”. The ALE cannot be implemented but only experienced.

Regardless of the teacher you choose the entire purpose of this life boils down to 1 thing: Know Thyself and BE it well.

ALE is a course in training your brain and your thoughts… differently, … consciously. To learn this course requires the willingness to question every value you hold. This course does not aim at teaching the meaning of life and existence. It aims, however, at removing what is blocking you and your awareness – It reveals HOW you show up in life and live.

Why is it proven and why does it work?

Awareness changes everything. Awareness is your POWER. It is the POWER to create and make a conscious choice to produce the breakthrough results you want.

ALE Benefits: Why you should jump in NOW?

  • A clear process to maintain alignment with your clients and your own personal values
  • Hear what other coaches and consultants are doing and learn from their successes and struggles through feedback and online weekly calls
  • Learn from proven entrepreneurs and expert IPEC/ICF Coaches
  • Become AWARE of how your current business process is working “for you” and “against you” and create a program that will blow your current business results out of the park
  • Learn, Lead and Inspire others with Expansion “know-how” and clarity
  • Virtual - 80% self-paced - You can learn when it’s convenient for you and still be held accountable for weekly progress.
  • Make setting your intention and “awareness” a habit instead of an afterthought
  • Earn 22 CCEs Pre-approved by ICF

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Who Is the Awareness Leadership Experience For?

  • Any Leader or Emerging Leader looking to make sense of the WHY’s and results in their life.
  • Any Coach or Consultant looking for a measurable, signature step by step program that integrates the client into a process of progression…
  • If you want KNOW where you are with your client at all times and get to the point of the matter quicker and more concise, you will want to check this out… Used by Executive, Corporate and Life Coaches.
  • Have ever said to yourself… “There has got to be a better way”… or “I want more”… Then maybe this is for you.

Try it out for FREE by taking the first class - just sign up via the form on the right.  There is NO Obligation… You have NOTHING to lose…

As you learn you will lead and inspire others along the same path. We are building a community of change and awareness one person, one relationship, one company,… one LIFE at a time.


Still want to know more about the Awareness Leadership Experience? Watch this video below: