Finally, the Opportunity You Have Been Looking for to Expand Your Clients… 

Have you ever wondered? 

1. HOW do I land the long-term contracts with organizations vs. short term one-on-ones?

2. HOW do I impart and facilitate a proven program that has a solid frame work that really WORKS yet allows for intuition and creativity?

3. HOW do I hold my client responsible for their own lack of involvement and/or commitment while not feeling guilty and blaming myself that I had possibly messed something up in the negotiation or was not good/smart enough to effectively handle the contract?

4. HOW do I have effective intake meetings with my potential clients so I can fully deliver what they are asking for and we both have a true Level 5 WIN/WIN moment?

5. HOW do I measure my client’s courage and commitment so I can be confident that we are aligned to work together?

6. HOW do I set measurements for Return on Investment (ROI) within an organization and even begin to have those conversations?

7. HOW do I get a signature program that I can fully brand as my own, further develop as my own, while setting me apart within my particular niche?

8. HOW in the world do I holistically evaluate an organization and have workable/usable data that effectively reveals the current engagement of the corporate culture and above all else make sense in the translation?

So, this is the BOTTOM LINE: 

I am here to do one thing. With Eternal Thanks and Gratitude to the courage of Brené Brown and her work and research on vulnerability, I am throwing in what I call the Trump Card of Vulnerability. I want to invite you to join me for a class on a journey of Awareness Leadership. As you learn to be an Aware Leader, you will become the expert that teaches others to lead from this proven process. Why is it proven and why does it work? Awareness changes everything. Awareness is your POWER. It is the POWER to create and make a conscious choice to produce exactly what you what.

As you learn to become an Awareness Leadership Expert, you will be able to lead others on the same path and we will be able to build a community that will change this planet from the place of AWARENESS. As a VIP member of this class, you will also receive never again offered benefits that I have put together as a thank you for being such an inspiration and support to me.

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